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Removals are always big operations that require a lot of thought and a lot of work. There are many reasons why people move, but in most cases, there is some degree of major change in their lives which means that they have a lot to think about and many things to arrange besides the removal itself. For that reason, relocating can be a very overwhelming task, which you shouldn't face alone. Let our professional team handle your removal and take care of all the details necessary to get all your belongings, big or small, to their final destination at your new home.

We offer to take the whole process in our hands, from the very first steps of planning and logistics, through all actions taken to pack and transport your parcels, until the moment when you are already successfuly relocated. Our staff will always be available for your enquiries or any need that you may have, so you can be sure that you will have all the aid and support that you need to carry out with this major change in your life. Let us handle all the heavy work so you can focus on the things that really require your attention. You will be relieved from the heaviest burden with the excellent and most complete services provided by Crossroads West Midlands!

We cover all the Birmingham area as well as many popular destinations in all Europe and the rest of the world, so if you live in the West Midlands and would like to relocate, you can be sure that we are your best option!

We plan your whole removal from beginning to end. We offer transportation via hauling trucks, ship or air freight at your choice and convenience. We have a wide range of prices and services so you can pick the one that best suits your needs and interest. 
We offer to pack and wrap all your parcels. Our staff will handle all your items properly by wrapping them with high quality cushionings and professional handling skills. We will run an inventory and check that all your items arrive safely to destination.
When you relocate with Crossroads West Midlands, all your parcels are insured. We take extreme care with the handling and packing so nothing gets damaged in the process, but you have the double surety that you will be covered if something happens to any of your parcels.
We have the best timing for relocations and you can access our premium express removals service for a convenient price. Our logistics network is wide enough to reach any point in the Birmingham area as well as many destinations in the world.
You can opt for our staff to unpack all your parcels when they arrive to destination. We will get rid of all the wrapping material and boxes unless you prefer to keep them, so they are no longer your problem.

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Regina Collins

"The service of Crossroads West Midlands was spotless. Perfect timing, excellent delivery and fantastic prices. We didn't know a company like this could exist until we found it. We are completely satisfied with their work."

Katherine Lewis

"Crossroads West Midlands saved me. I was moving in a rush and had many things running through my head. They took all these problems in their hands and solved it. It was such a relief."

Jonathan Williams

"I returned to Crossroads West Midlands for my second removal and I have to say that they haven't changed a bit. Great people and great professionals just doing their job. It is fantastic, and I would recommend them to anybody who wants to move."